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What our clients have to say

Boston Financial Investment Management

I have had the pleasure of working with Foxy Management for over a decade now and value our Partnership more each day.  Shelly, Jeff, and team are innovative, transparent, and very thorough.  They handle complicated projects with a forward thinking approach, a focus on partnership, and a culture that always results in a positive experience.  I highly recommend our friends at Foxy Management.

Rob Charest

M. Melnick & Co., Inc.

We have worked with Foxy Management and its principals for a decade, as development partners, co-owners, and property managers.  Shelly and Jeff run an organization that is hands on, detail-oriented, hard-working, and extremely responsive to client concerns.  We value their partnership and have been very happy with the results.

Aaron Segal & Adam Melnick

Neighborhood Association for Inter-Cultural Affairs (NAICA)

We have partnered with Foxy Management on four LIHTC projects over the last several years, and each project has been more successful than the previous one.  Shelly and Jeff are intimately involved in all details of their operation, and are a pleasure to work with.  They are not only our partners, they are our dear friends.

Eduardo LaGuerre

Casabe Houses For The Elderly

Foxy has been managing our HUD 202 senior property since 2006, and we could not be happier. Foxy successfully led a re-development effort by introducing Low Income Housing Tax Credits into our financial structure, allowing us to rehabilitate our property, and resulting in a dramatic change in the way we operate our project.  That effort has allowed us to provide a significant amount of additional services to our residents and our community that would not have been possible without them.  They are a top-notch company!

Frank Quiles
Chairman of the Board / Casabe Houses For The Elderly

Raymond James Tax Credit Funds

I have worked with Jeff and Shelly for more than 5 years, partnering with them as the investor member in supportive and affordable housing development projects that have resulted in transformative and catalytic improvements to New York City neighborhoods. Foxy Management is deeply committed to investing in our communities, and their work has resulted in the creation of hundreds of apartments and the provision of social services for many of New York’s most vulnerable residents, transforming communities and lives and improving the city’s economy one building at a time.

Noel Henderson-James
Associate Director of Acquisitions / Raymond James Tax Credit Funds

Barrier Free Living

Barrier Free Living worked with Foxy Management for at least three years in the development of Barrier Free Living Apartments, 120 units of supportive housing primarily for victims/survivors of Domestic Violence.  They have been great collaborators during the construction of the building and, now that the buildings are finished, as the management company for the buildings.  We have appreciated the responsiveness to our needs and those of our tenants.  We are working hand in hand to make this project a success.

Paul Feuerstein
President/CEO / Barrier Free Living

Casa Victoria Housing For The Elderly

Casa Victoria, HDFC selected Foxy Management for our Senior 202 property in 2009 and we are very happy that we did. In addition to the delivery of outstanding property management services, Shelly and Jeff bring extensive experience and expertise to the table when issues arise that require more than mainstream analysis and action. They jump in with both feet to help keep the property on track with its management plan and corporate objectives.

Board of Directors of Casa Victoria HDFC

890 Prospect Avenue, Bronx

I have been living in a Foxy Management building since 2007.  Foxy Management has been helpful at every turn, the building has always been kept up, and I have nothing but high praises for everything.  I write this to say thank your for helping me out and for years of professionalism.


Alembic Community Development

As strategic partners for the past 10 years, we take great comfort working with Foxy Management.  Their dedication, attention to detail, and integrity are without question.  The culture across the entire organization is positive with a can-do attitude.

Mark Reed