Artwork by @ab5tract_nt3l and @natalialimaart

The Foxy Wall Project is a side project of Foxy Management. It began, and it continues, as a love for our community and an admiration of art.  We believe our communities deserve more than brick and concrete and that our buildings should give back — this is our small contribution.

All of our murals are currently on buildings owned or operated by Foxy Management, and contain positive messages oriented specifically to the community we live and work in — the South Bronx.  We have worked with artists from all over the world — from the Bronx to as far as Sao Paolo, London, and France. We are actively looking to continue our work, until every wall inside and out is painted.

If you are an artist looking for a wall, or a building owner looking for an artist, please contact us at

Let’s make the world more colorful, together!

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